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Rural Roads Municipal Project Survey

  1. Instructions

    The simple survey is for municipalities in Warren County, and the surrounding areas, to submit road and bridge infrastructure projects into the Rural Roads Initiative (RRI) grant project. The project (RRI) is a multi-municipality, multi-county effort (being led by Warren County) to build a regional grant application for Northwest Pennsylvania that would pool projects and draw down federal funding to help provide infrastructure repairs and upgrades in rural communities.

    Our grant application will try and tap into several programs but one of our main focuses is the Rural Surface Transportation Grant program. This survey is not a grant application itself, but to simply identify potential projects to be included in the grant application, which will be managed by Warren County and take place in 2023.

    Below are the parameters for applying to be included in the project scope:

    • Municipalities should identify 1-3 projects to be included. One survey per project, with the understanding that each municipality will probably have a maximum of one project to be selected for inclusion in the grant application.
    • Preliminary engineering is not required for application, but if you have some engineering for your project, please include it in your application email. All materials must be scanned and in PDF format.
    • Please keep your descriptions as simple as possible. This form is simply for the planning team to identify potential projects. The details of the projects will be defined later in this process.

    The county will collect data through the remainder of September 2022 and will begin selecting projects at the beginning of October. There is no specific deadline for application; however, municipalities are encouraged to submit their surveys as soon as possible in 2022.

  2. Please enter the name of the municipality you are representing. 

  3. Please enter the county your municipality is located in. 

  4. Project Type*

    Please select the type of project you are proposing. A road or bridge repair is taking an existing infrastructure asset and restoring it to its former state. A road upgrade or bridge replacement is an overall improvement over the quality of the asset beyond its current base structure.

  5. Project Priority*

    Please rank this project as it compares to any other projects you submit in importance. If you only submit one project, then this will be #1. If you are submitting three projects, then you must rank them 1 to 3, one being the most important to you and three being the least important out of the pool.

  6. Please describe the size (length, width, height, etc) of the project, its location, current status (materials, condition), and the type of upgrade you would like to see. Keep your description simple. 

  7. Please explain, in general terms, the impact this project would have and the need for it to be addressed. Estimate (to the best of your ability) how many houses/families would be impacted, the environmental impact, the transportation quality impact, and other factors that you think would justify this project. Numbers do not need to be exact, and we understand there are limits to your ability to gather data, but d the best with what you have to work with. 

  8. Please discuss your municipality's ability to provide a 20% match for the project. We realize that final engineering and cost estimates have probably not been done on your project, but based on your own financial status, does your municipality have the ability to work with the county on producing a potential 20% match for the project? Although the county may work to assist some municipalities based on need, it is generally expected that any funding mechanism (coordinated by the county) will involve funding from the partner municipalities. Lack of funds should not dissuade municipalities from submitting projects. 

  9. Please upload any files relevant to your application (engineering summaries, drawings, letters of support, etc.)

  10. Please upload any files relevant to your application (engineering summaries, drawings, letters of support, etc.)

  11. Please upload any files relevant to your application (engineering summaries, drawings, letters of support, etc.)

  12. Please upload any files relevant to your application (engineering summaries, drawings, letters of support, etc.)

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